New norm SOPs that meet international standards
Published On: 07/06/2020

Publish in The Star, Sunday, 07 Jun 2020


PRIVATE and international schools in Malaysia have prepared their own standard operating procedures (SOPs) in anticipation of their students returning.

These institutes have based their guidelines on those being used in foreign countries.

National Association of Private Educational Institutions president Assoc Prof Elajsolan Mohan told StarEdu its members will adopt the best practices that are being implemented in other countries as most private schools here are linked to international organisations.

He added that these schools have tapped into this network and consulted their foreign counterparts on health and safety measures to protect their students from Covid-19.

There are over 200 private and international schools in Malaysia, he said, and none are willing to put the health of their students on the line.

“We cannot put our children at risk just to save on costs. What is important is safety. We can’t be greedy for money.

“If even one cluster is detected in any of these schools, it’s a huge problem, ” he said.

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