A Brief History of NAPEI

Established on September 15, 1987, NAPEI represents all levels of private educational institutions and education related organisations in Malaysia. The founding members of NAPEI sought to unite private educational institutions. With an initial registration of 11 members, NAPEI currently has a membership of about 60, with a number of members with branch campuses and centres across Malaysia. NAPEI continues to represent the cause of local private education with various ministries.

It seeks to :

  • Enhance and maintain the quality of education in the private sector.
  • Be the unifying representative body for all registered private educational and education - related organisations in the country.
  • Be a national body of liaison with government and statutory bodies.
  • Provide research facilities, training, management and development programmes for members of the Association.
  • Provide educational information to members and other interested organisations and individuals.
  • Assist institutions in raising their professional competency in the administration and operation of their institutions.
  • Maintain a register of all private educational institutions in Malaysia.
  • Enhance Malaysia as a centre of educational excellence.

NAPEI National Council 2022-2025


Associate Professor
Elajsolan VM Mohan

Challenger Concept (M) Sdn Bhd

Deputy President

Ms. Lau Wai Cheng

ELC English Centres

General Secretary

Dr. Teh Choon Jin

Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation

Deputy General Secretary

Mr. Kenny Sim Koon Chuan

DIKA International Sdn Bhd

General Treasurer

Mr. Ng Yih Chen

Oasis College Sdn Bhd

Deputy General Treasurer

Dr. Jeffery Louis Adaikalasamy

R.E.A.L International School

The Council Members


Datin Jean Monterio

JM Enrichment Sdn Bhd


Dr. Aslam Khan Bin Samahs Khan

Erican College


Mr. Tankaraju Muthusamy

Kolej CQ Breyer


Mr. Varatha Raju Munusamy

Beaconhouse Malaysia Sdn Bhd


Ms. Loke Va Nee

The One Academy of Communication Design


Mr. Sean Chee

ELSI Sdn Bhd


Mr. Clement Lim Choon Yow


Mr. Lim Kah Cheng


Dr Chiang Geok Lian

NAPEI President's Speech


As President of NAPEI, the oldest Malaysian association for private education, it is my privilege to welcome you to our website. On behalf of NAPEI, I extend warm “GREETINGS and WELCOME”.

It is indeed a privilege for me to welcome you to the website of National Association of Private Educational Institutions, Malaysia, (NAPEI), the oldest association for private education in Malaysia. On behalf of NAPEI, I extend warm GREETINGS to you.

In 1987, more than thirty years ago, a few individuals in the private education sector saw the need for a collective and concerted effort to enhance and protect the interests of a fast developing private education industry. Today with more than 60 members in the PEI (Private Educational Institutions), NAPEI plays a major role in monitoring various legislations, rules & regulations, government policies and issues affecting private education.

Our Association has a membership profile that covers preschool centres to colleges and universities, vocational education providers and supplementary education service providers such as publishers, consultants and education counselling and student placement centres.

We have played a pivotal role to ensure the continued growth of all private education providers – be it big or small. In upholding the interests of its stakeholders, the Association has always expressed itself boldly in all education and government forums and seminars.

NAPEI sits on various government and quasi government bodies and has contributed regularly to discussions and policy developments that concern private education providers. We have, through regular memorandums to various ministries, drawn the attention of the government to policies that affect PEI’s. Our presence is strongly felt in all dialogues with government bodies and agencies and has ensured a check and balance in the interest of all PEI’s. NAPEI does not differentiate between members and non-members; our philosophy is to represent Malaysian Private Education on the whole.

Education is global today. NAPEI’s role is to continue to steer its members in the direction of globalisation and internationalisation. Together, we work to achieve nation building and produce a workforce which is industry-ready. We invite all PEI’s in Malaysia to be members of NAPEI, to speak as one voice and to share our experience for the continued development of Malaysian private education industry. We hope to engage you in our activities and spread the fellowship of a dynamic education industry.

Associate Professor Elajsolan Mohan, President, NAPEI 2018-2022

NAPEI Constitution

NAPEI is a private education society registered with the Registrar of Societies (ROS), Malaysia. Its registration number is PPM-001-10-15091987.
All activities of NAPEI are governed by its Constitution.

  NAPEI Constitution